Scott Helmer
I am a Certified Mindset Performance Specialist.  I coach individuals towards a dynamic mindset that yields life changing results.  So whether you want to finally get healthy and fit,  you want better relationships, or you are looking for your "passion" in life, come join me on the journey and experience first hand what has been missing from your life.  Mindset Matters Most!

The Program

One on One Coaching

We meet weekly on a Zoom hangout and explore various aspects of the outline.  This is straight-forward coaching and you will be following up each weekly session with an assignment that will help you reflect and better understand our session. 

Individualized Fitness Program

During the course of the 8 weeks we will be developing your Dynamic Mindset experience. I will also be designing an individual exercise program based on your needs.....not some template!  It will help get you to where you want to be in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Unlimited E-mail Access

In addition to our weekly meetings, I will be sending you DAILY e-mails loaded with tips to keep you going for the week.  If you have questions about the previous lesson or the homework assignments, we can chat.  This is about experiencing change......not just getting "information".  Learning happens all the time.  

Video Series

You will have access to my video course on Dynamic Mindset. 
These videos will allow you to gain more knowledge and understanding about what a Dynamic Mindset looks like and see the neuroscience behind the program.  
Understand one thing......I am COMMITTED to getting you the results that you are driven to experience and that you expect!  I will coach my butt off to help you finally achieve what you want in starts with being open to an experience that will take you on a life changing, internal journey.  At times, it will be hard.  You will find out more about yourself than you ever dreamed possible.  At the end of the day, you will finally be the person you always wanted to be....and have the mindset to accomplish all you ever dreamed!