Scott Helmer
I am a Certified Mindset Performance Specialist.  I coach individuals towards a dynamic mindset that yields life changing results.  So whether you want to finally get healthy and fit,  you want better relationships, or you are looking for your "passion" in life, come join me on the journey and experience first hand what has been missing from your life.  Mindset Matters Most!

The Outline For Success

  • Internal Story
     Past story

    Influence, perceptions, belief systems, 
    behaviors and actions

    Is it painful?  Does it make you go “oh, now I see”
  • Importance of Awareness and the 4 A’s
     Awareness is the Panacea

    What Accountability truly is

    Acceptance of your story
    How to Adapt and begin making small, daily
  • 4 Stage Behavioral Model and How to Apply It
     Unconscious Incompetence

    Conscious Incompetence

    Conscious Competence

    Unconscious Competence
     Going from Unconscious Incompetence towards 
    Unconscious Competence
    The Middle Road towards Consciousness
     Learning how to access your "human" brain so your     can be more forward thinking and results oriented
I won't lie to you.  This isn't for everyone.  I have had exploration sessions with individuals and after we talked and shared what we both wanted, I decided it wasn't a good fit.  In other words, some people are willing to stay in their fixed mindset.  
That's okay!  
But if you are ready for the most exciting, challenging experience that will change your life, then let me coach you.
For the first time, you can experience the person you have always wanted to be......the "go getter"........the person who actually sustains their fitness levels and gets results.  The person who realizes that there is nothing wrong with don't need to be "fixed"'s just that your mindset has been holding you back!