Scott Helmer
I am a Certified Mindset Performance Specialist.  I coach individuals towards a dynamic mindset that yields life changing results.  So whether you want to finally get healthy and fit,  you want better relationships, or you are looking for your "passion" in life, come join me on the journey and experience first hand what has been missing from your life.  Mindset Matters Most!
Mindset Performance Training
Mindset Matters Most....
The self-help books don't work.  Saying positive affirmations doesn't work.  New Year's resolutions don't last.  They don't work because you have a fixed mindset.  Your "story" you have had since birth is telling you can't do things.  Self-sabotage is the norm.  Your influences, perceptions and current belief systems keep you from the behaviors and actions you need to move forward. is seldom what we need to know to move forward, but almost always what we need to know about what is holding us back!  I show you how to "release the brakes" and get to a more Dynamic Mindset that opens ALL the doors to the abundance you want to experience in your life. 
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Foundational Principles of Mindset
I coach my students to ACCEPT their story as bullshit.  Our story that we bring with us every day.  Our story is a perception that we have manifested so we can function in our world.  It is a story that isn't all bad. But for the most part, it inhibits us from moving foward.  Next, I show you how to become AWARE of what is going on in your unconscious mind, and how those thoughts create behaviors and actions.  This puts you in control, rather than being on "auto-pilot".  ACCOUNTABILITY is a big part of eliminating self-sabotage.  YOU have to learn how to be accountable. I show you how to do that.  The experience is overwhelming at times and will be the experience of a life-time.  Lastly, I coach you to ADAPT and take daily steps that become your Dynamic Mindset.  These 4 A's are the Foundational Principles of mindset and will finally get you to experience the results you want and need!